Shades of turquoise sea

Balearic Islands

Red Passion, Blue Wonders

The Balearic Islands have become a beloved destination for travellers. Positioned in the Mediterranean off the east coast of Spain, the islands boast an array of sunny beaches, scenic landscapes and shades of the sea, from light turquoise to the most intense blue. Spanish cuisine is loved by all and the locals adore welcoming a variety of guests from all over the world.


These islands offer a magical combination of pristine beaches, culture adventure, glamour, fun and sunsets. 


Costa del Sol, of colors and charm

Marbella is a jewel on Spain’s Costa del Sol. With a vibrant, charming old town, a backdrop of the scenic Sierra Blanca mountains and golden, sandy beaches, the setting is idyllic for discerning travellers of all ages. Marbella’s exceptional golf courses, elegant boutiques, glamourous yachts and world-class cuisine add to its allure. Our villas in Marbella have been carefully chosen for their exceptional style, location and services on offer, so you can indulge your senses and relax fully.

Discovery, relaxation and fun. These islands know how to offer pristine beaches, cultural excursions, adventure and glamour. Relax on your terrace with a cocktail in hand and relax. The Balearic sky has a charm of its own, the ideal place to observe the stars!!

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